George Simonz - Altitude

George Simonz - a duo from Vilnius, Lithuania

This playlist is a chaotic complex of emotions, thoughts that are being expressed through various atmospheres. Let this mixtape get you somewhere special for a while.
George Simonz


2013.06.11 - Svečias: George Simonz - Altitude by Nemuzika on Mixcloud

Sleeper - DG3

Artūras Kirslys aka sleeper is a graphic designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Passionate vinyl collector from year 1999, responsible for organizing first trip hop music lounges in Vilnius. At the moment actively working as visual artist with a few independent electronic music labels and promoters.

"This mixtape is a collection of different music influences which affects me. Some tracks are old some new one, basically set reflects dynamic spring weather moods at the time when the recording was done. All recorded directly from vinyl for your listening pleasure."

2013.05.28 - Svečias: Sleeper - DG3 by Nemuzika on Mixcloud

So sure - Melancholic

Lukas aka So sure: 
I was born and grew up in a small Vilnius suburb. As I slowly sunk into a quagmire of sounds, understood that I no longer choose the music, but obey to it’s everchanging call. 

"Unfrayed echoes of the past, stranded in the horizon of melancholy." 

2013.05.14 - Svečias: So Sure - Melancholic by Nemuzika on Mixcloud

Carrot Fox - Palm Circus

Carrot Fox (Justina Christauskaitė), from Vilnius, Lithuania, is a photographer and political sciences graduate. 

"This playlist is a mix of emotions, grasped between that constant travel from one city to the other, trying to understand what to do with the future life. Life is jolted, the music too, as it is the reflection of it.." 

2013.04.30 - Svečias: Carrot Fox - Palm Circus by Nemuzika on Mixcloud

Radvilė Nakaitė - Tanto Tempo

Radvilė Nakaitė (born in Vilnius, Lithuania) is a music manager, organiser of festivals and events, journalist, editor of online music and art journal Secret Thirteen. Studied at Lithuanian Music and Theather Academy and completed MA in Management of Arts in 2011.

"The playlist fuses music I was listening from cassettes while reading a book near an open window on a hot summer’s night, survived copies of music when there was no Internet, fragments of golden MTV era and jazz concerts my parents took me while I was still a teenager. From Brazilian songs to Future Jazz, from amazing audio mastering to bullet sound." 

Plastmassive - Night train to Shinjuku

Anton begins new mixtape series with an electronic and colourful timeless mix “Night train to Shinjuku”. “Music about being elsewhere; mentally or physically - decide for yourself”. Stay tuned